Dr. Molan has published 29 research papers and 19 review papers in international scientific and medical journals on the antibacterial properties and medical usage of honey. Peter presented his studies to many different audiences from scientists and health professionals at various scientific forums and conferences right across to answering questions from everyday consumers.

Dr Molan’s research on the therapeutic usage of honey has involved a large amount of searching and reading the scientific and medical literature published on the subject. He has made his knowledge gained from that also available on

The topics covered on the website include:

  • Some significant research outcomes from Honey Research at the University of Waikato
  • Publications from Honey Research at the University of Waikato
  • Theses from Honey Research at the University of Waikato
  • The nature and composition of honey
  • The antibacterial activity of honey and its role in treating diseases
  • What’s special about Active Manuka Honey
  • How the antibacterial activity of manuka honey is rated
  • Selection of honey for use as a medicine
  • The anti-inflammatory activity of honey
  • The antioxidant activity of honey
  • The immuno-stimulatory activity of honey
  • Use of honey in wound care by medical professionals
  • Why honey works well in healing wounds
  • Honey wound-care products available as registered medical devices
  • How wounds are dressed with honey.